Debt Free in 30

You’ve had sleepless nights because of your debts. You get anxious about opening your mail. You have argued with your spouse due to what you need to pay off. Your debts have continued to rise year after year. You have no reserves for emergencies. Your debts are controlling you. Imagine a day when you have no debt!

Debt Free in 30” – give us 30 minutes of your time and we can help you make a plan to become debt free.

What we need to know about you:

  • Who you owe money to and how much,
  • What assets you own – including houses, investments, vehicles,
  • A monthly cash flow detailing your income and your monthly expenses, and
  • What future plans you have.

For each person we meet with, we consider their situation in detail and then do a comparison of their options and how they apply to them. We provide an honest unbiased discussion comparing the pros and cons of each option. Then we form a plan together to work towards becoming debt free. We need to all believe that debt free is how we control our future.  Send me an e-mail or call me at 519-747-0660 and lets start your “debt free in 30.”