Debts Can Make Strange Bedfellows – Know Who You Are Getting Into Bed With

Ever heard of a debt consultant?  Referring to me, your quick answer might be a skeptical, “Aren’t you a debt consultant?  What’s the difference?”

For people struggling to pay their debts, it is a very confusing time.  The internet, radio and TV are covered with ads, everyone claiming to be able to help you.  How are you supposed to know who is legitimate and who is not?  I met with Carl last week in my Kitchener-Waterloo office.  He told me about a debt consultant he found online that can help with “debt settlement.”  When he spoke to the operator, he discovered that he was speaking with a call centre based out of California.  Scary?

There’s more. Carl thought that what they were mentioning sounded like a consumer proposal.  In some cases it is, these consultants just take a fee then refer you to a licensed insolvency trustee (they call them ‘officers of the court’) to file a proposal.  Others may try to help you make a private deal but that’s very risky since they can’t offer the protection you receive through a licensed insolvency trustee and the Bankruptcy & Insolvency Act.

Choosing how to deal with your debts is a big decision.   Do some research.  Talk to people.  When you are ready, please feel free to give me a call at 519-747-0660 or send me a question by e-mail.  We’d be happy to explain your safe, reliable options to get out of debt.